• Servers/Corporate Networks
  • Telephony - VoIP PBX - Asterisk
  • Mail Servers / E-Collaboration
  • High Performance Computing



«Merit» offers flexible solutions to Greek companies based on Open Source implementations that reduce acquisition cost as well as the subsequent support services that will meet business needs.

Part of the solutions implemented by «Merit» include:

  • Unix & Linux administration,
  • Web Services (Web Servers & Services),
  • E-mail services (E-mail Servers & Services),
  • File sharing services (File Servers),
  • Database Management (Data Base Administration),
  • Network Security and Secure Data Transmission (Wired & Wireless Network Security - Firewalls, Antivirii etc., Secured Remote Connections and File Transfers),
  • VoIP Telephony Services using open-source PBX software (Asterisk). The software supports additional features such as electronic registry (IVR), Fax Server, services, e-mail to Fax & Fax to e-mail etc.
  • Integration of voice and data services in a common environment which includes connectivity with mobile data networks and information propagation to company staff via mobile phones,
  • Software development etc.

In addition to the above services «Merit», offers the following solutions aiming to meet the needs of large computing power of companies and organizations:

  • Parallel Processing using clusters of interconnected nodes (Computer Cluster) with the corresponding middleware required (protocols PVM, MPI for message passing and local resource management software Condor)
  • Grid Technologies (Grid Computing) to use either remote computing resources or the available personal computer business in their idle time.
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