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Telephony - VoIP PBX - Asterisk

Merit seeks to meet the communication needs of your company with the open source PBX software Asterisk.Asterisk provides voice chat in real time, with good sound quality and no cost within the company network, while allowing access to external phone lines/trunks (PSTN/ ISDN/ GSM/ SIP/ IAX2).Some of asterisk the features include:

  • Internal numbering/ unlimited company extensions.
  • Voice Mail.
  • Conference Call.
  • Interactive Voice Response/ Phone Menus.
  • Automatic Call distribution to company extensions.
  • FAX services.
  • Automated management of many different types of external lines (ISDN / PSTN / GSM, call priorities)
  • Use of VoIP phones that support SIP or IAX protocols (Hard VoIP phones or Softphones).
  • Data/ Information forwarding to mobile phones.
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